Welcome to AID, Bay Area Chapter

Compassion wherever there is suffering. Conviction that the compassion is strong enough to eliminate suffering. Courage to make this conviction a reality. This is AID...

Association for India's Development (AID) is a volunteer movement committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. In solidarity with non-violent people's struggles, AID supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as education, livelihoods, natural resources, health, women's empowerment and social justice.


Shankar Tucker: Live in Concert (May 10th @ 6:00 PM)

Shankar Tucker is back again and will be performing as part of a fundraiser on May 10th at Nourse Theater, San Francisco. For more details click HERE

Peoples Archive of Rural India - A Talk about a new media initiative by P. Sainath (May 5th @ 7:00 PM

The People's Archive of Rural India combines text, audio, video, and photographs to present what is both a living journal and a growing online archive. It's a unique and ambitious movement to document the diversity of rural India, home to 833 million people speaking 780 languages. PARI, http://www.ruralindiaonline.org/, is aimed at recording the everyday lives of everyday people, to document the stories from what Sainath has called the “continent within a sub-continent”. Learn more HERE

Celebrating Dalit History Month (May 2nd @ 4:30 PM)

DALIT HISTORY MONTH is a participatory radical history project. Our goal is to share the contributions to history from Dalits around the world. We are a parallel model of scholarship to academic institutions that study Dalits without Dalits in collaborative or lead roles of research. For more details click HERE